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A wide variety of platforms with diverse OSs have been integrated, certified and deployed with the Agnos EMV Level 2 stack worldwide, from common embedded platforms to pure exotic hardware. Agnos EMV stack runs on top of a HAL - The Generic Platform Interface (GPI) - which allows Agnos software to be deployed with any EMV ready hardware. The GPI platform instance covers services required to support EMV card processing and acquirer/processor security requirements. The GPI is the cornerstone of Agnos, and enables the development of generic, platform & OS abstract payment applications.


Agnos logical architecture supports different physical deployments such as standalone acceptance systems, ATMs, light mobile payment solutions, or even more complex client/server architectures. No assumptions have been made regarding the ICS and payment system regionalization during the architecture and design stages, so Agnos may be adapted to any merchant context for a smooth and sustainable EMV migration.


Agnos offers various levels of security that are integrated during the certification target stages. EMV security relies on PK infrastructure cryptography that is implemented using software or hardware services (depending on platform capabilities). Acquirer/processor security requirements are separated in order to integrate any local or specific needs. They typically rely on Symmetric Key cryptography and key management schemes. Several services have been abstracted to comply with the wide variety of global and local requirements. PCI related services include SRED primitives, and many algorithms such as DUKPT, Master/Session, AES, ECC.

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